Janis Kelly and Alfy Valdez

Carole Steele Hill and Jerry Hill

Sharon Burks McKee and Charles McKee

Gary Speer / Cathy Coco Burden and Ron Burden

Barbara Warren Mooney / Royce and Georgia Skocdopole

Norda Roszel Peters and Roger Peters / Bill and Nancy Ellsworth

          Jean Thorne Thornbrugh                                      Walt and Marinete Sinclair

          and Tom Thornbrugh                                                Earl and Marilyn Brantley

      Wilma Shryock Jenkins                                                    Saundra Gillard Beckwith

     Pat Lankford Bolding                                                         Rick and Kelly Jo Rickman

      and Clark Bolding                                                                  Bob and Paula Young

  Arnie and Linda Horner                                                              Linda Hutchins Bacher

   Kitty Teipel Morel                                                                             and Tony Bacher

      and Vernon Cope                                                                 Kathryn Matson Holmes

     Diane Coen Cathey                                                                         and Vic Holmes

         and Joe Cathey                                                             George and Diane Dunham

    Gayle James Sojourner                                                    Sammye Aldridge Campbell

        and David Sojourner                                                          and Bobby Campbell

       Jane Broome Horacek                                                  Francine Poulos Shawger

           and Larry Horacek                                                         and Fred Shawger

Tom Miles / Marci Crow Clark and Bill Clark / Lawrence “Night Train” Lane

John Parkinson / Doug and Kathleen Walker / Donna Day Barnett

Marc Schuman / Tom Ackley and Susan Lyons / Ken Simmons

Jerry Selby / Joe and Ottie Baumgardner / Datha Zimmerman

June Ann Lyon Skaggs and David Skaggs / Richard Day

Tyra Amstutz Galyean and Pete Galyean

Stan Morris / Ron and Robin Taylor

Margaret “Peg” Kishner



Chris Cook Lewis

Diana Grattop Buck and Chuck Buck

Rodney and Alice Bones / Andra Lanford Lupardus

Mary Sellman / Barbara Berkey Allen and Nick Allen

Keith O'Neil / Shelby and Pam Oakley / George Reese

Janice Goodrich Shannon / Karla Smith Matthess and Mat Matthess

JD Prather / Jan Warren Featherston and Lynn Featherston / Gary Stewart


                                                                             Jan 25, 2016