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July 2023

The Class of '66 on Route 66 !

It's the Great 75th Birthday Candle Blowout

Attention !  Attention !  It's now official - we're older than dirt.  But don't let that little fact keep you from joining us for a birthday celebration worthy for Queens and Kings (who are older than dirt). 


Your Reunion Committee planners have secured the Red Fork Event Center located at 3770 Southwest Blvd on historic Route 66 to commemorate this august occasion.  The Magic Date selected for all of us to claim, as a one-time Birthing Moment, will be 9 September, beginning at 6:00pm when you will all receive the temporary title of being "75".  And you don't want to miss what is in store for us.

You know we're gonna have some good chow (BBQ !) and beverages that will sate even the most hungry among us.  Trust me, you will love the spread we have planned.  What we need from you is a response to our lovely Treasurer, Barbara Mooney, so we will know how much of the "Good Stuff" that we need for your dining pleasure.  More on that in a moment.

I know, I're probably saying, "Sure, but what else is there besides good chow?".  Did I tell you that we have an incredible entertainment package lined up for you?  Indeed !  We have the Dynamic Duo featuring our own Del Patterson and Gary Chandler, who will provide us with a live performance that begs to become primo video footage on your iPhone.  These guys have been rehearsing for years and want 9 September to be a night to remember, so come join us for what will be an entertainment medley you don't want to miss. I know you are asking, "How do I put myself into this picture?".  Well, start by clicking on the Register icon on the home page and then follow the instructions to get your name on the VIP Guest List for 9 September.  Sending along a check for $25 (for each person) to cover the Event amenities listed above would also help.  Then all you have to do is work up an appetite for 9 September, and get your bad self over to the Red Fork Depot on Route 66 at 6:00pm.

Folks, do you need a translator for this news?  It's time to get it in gear, put the pedal to the metal,

and stay alive until 10 September so you can Partay with your classmates on the 9th.  No excuses.


March, 2022

“The Show Must Go On”

And we will do it in grand style, to boot.


Our Reunion Committee has been following the developing situation with our national bout with Covid, doing our best to look into the crystal ball and divine the societal condition in April. We solidly believe that the scales have tipped in favor of gathering for a reunion, and this view includes dozens of you who spoke up to affirm your desire to “Go on with the Show”. In fact, a clear majority of you said you'd show up no matter what. It was like the voice in the movie Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will Come”.

We have enclosed a Registration Form and ask that you fill it out right away and return it to us by March 15th so we can get a better handle on who's coming. Here's the reunion schedule in a nutshell.


Friday evening, 29 April, 6:00pm – 10:00pm, at the Stokely Event Center. This is the Main Event, folks. There is no better venue in Tulsa that says “Go Braves!” than Stokely's. Come hungry and thirsty because we've got the fixin's. A superb supper will be served by Albert G's BBQ and it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Non-alcoholic beverages are provided with the meal. If you wanna get a little loosey goosey, there will be wine, beer and spirits at the bar – pay as you go. What more could you want? OK, well how about some entertainment with live music from Travis Kidd, along with a continuous slide show of our years together, throughout the evening.

Let's not forget Saturday. To start the day, we have arranged for special tourist trolley cars to take you on a historic trip through downtown Tulsa. This event was a huge hit at our 50th reunion, so it is back by popular demand. There are two times to catch the trolley – 8:00am and 10:00am. Please let us know which time you'll take. There is no charge – it's part of the registration price – YES! The departure location is the parking lot between Home Depot & Mazzio's Pizza located at 11th & Elgin. The guides on the trolley have a lot of new “old” material to share, so put this event on your dance card.


At mid-day Saturday, classmates from several junior high schools will host special luncheons , and we hope you'll attend one. Announcements pertaining to the luncheons will be made Friday night at Stokely's. The lunches are on you, of course. Continue enjoying the day with old friends. Visit the Gathering Place, Downtown attractions, or check out the new shopping and renovations along Route 66 (11th Street) starting at Peoria.

We ask that you take a moment and fill in your contact information on the registration form. Staying in touch with your friends is the best medicine you can take for happiness and long living. Even if you may not be able to join us in April for these festivities, please consider returning the form with the contact update. EVEN IF YOU CANNOT JOIN US IN APRIL, PLEASE CONSIDER RETURNING THE FORM WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION.


There is so much more to say, but we'll save it until we see you face to face in April. Your Reunion Committee is focused on one thing – creating great opportunities to see one another in loving friendship. Please join us and celebrate relationships you've had most of your life.


23 September, 2021
Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Classmates, Children of all Ages:  I have an Announcement to Make !

The Reunion is ON ! ! !

Yes, That's right.  Our big class "Shindig" is back on the calendar.  Mark your calendar for the last weekend in April, 2022, and make sure you are in Tulsey Town and livin' on Tulsa Time.  That's right, 29-30 April are your connection days to teleport back to 1966 and the good times.  All we need now is for you to be in that picture.

We still have the same schedule that we planned earlier, only that we have transplanted it into the new Friday-Saturday date in late April, 2022.  What we need now is for you to let us know that you are coming.  So, go to the "Registration" icon on the landing page and follow the instructions.  We need to know that you are coming and what you want to do while you are with us.

We are bringing back a concensus favorite from our last reunion and hosting the historical trolley tours of downtown Tulsa on Saturday morning, 30 April.  So, if you want to join this event, please let us know when you register.  There will also be special luncheon engagements for Jr High Schools on Saturday so make sure you plan to join your "Homies" for this special event.

What we need for you to do now is:
1.  Read the original message below "Forever Young" because what we originally planned is still valid for our "Partay" in April, 2022.
2.  Go to the "Register" icon on the landing page and follow the instructions to help our reunion committee plan for your participation in our events.

Covid may have slowed us down, but it didn't stop us ! ! !

We are so anxious to see you and reconnect our ties that have binded us all these many years.  Don't wait.  Contact us now.


22 August, 2021
Hold your Horses !   Get Back, Jack !    Wait a Darned Minute !

Looks like Covid is pushing our Reunion Celebration into 2022.  That's right, the 55th Reunion that we planned for the weekend of 15 October is now, officially, postponed.  The Executive Committee is working with our classmates to identify a future date when we can gather in Tulsa and it is looking more and more like that date will be sometime in 2022.  We are all sorry to hear this news but it is simply the reality we face right now.  We ask that you please share this information with our classmates so this postponement can receive the widest possible dissemination.  Looks like Par-tay in October 2021 is a No-Go !
Stay tuned for updates.

Our 55th Class Reunion -  “FOREVER YOUNG”
Francine Poulos Shawger & Barbara Warren Mooney Co Chairs

Hello “CHS ‘66” this is Francine letting you know that it’s time for our 55th reunion
and we are “Forever Young.” Here we are again facing another milestone in our trip
through this life together.  As our unique memories of those days at Central run through our minds, we remember our close friends, our fun times at sporting events, assemblies and Daze performances. Through the years of reunions, we have “re-met” many new friends from school and developed great relationships with them, just by sharing a dinner meal at the reunion.  We have had a great group of people working on our “Forever Young” celebration and we anticipate a lot of fun this time, as always. We faced challenges in finding a venue that would be able to meet our needs during this time of Covid, and restaurants for catering, as well. But, oh boy! we have a plan for you.

It will be a night of memories on October 15th, 6pm at Stokely’s Event Center for just $25 a person.  Everyone enjoyed this location for our 50th reunion and they have added new things to enhance our experience.  For entertainment we will have Travis Kidd playing music and singing.  BBQ for dinner at 6:30pm and videos by Larry Horacek and Marc Schuman showcasing our younger days. There are also video games, corn hole games and many other things to do.  Drinks will be $3 each and pop or water will be free.

On the morning of the 16th, we will be having Trolley rides of historic areas downtown and see all the many changes and additions to the area.  This was another favorite we did at our 50th so it is back by popular demand. Trollies will be leaving at 8am and 10am, first come first served.  We will catch the trolley in the east parking lot of Mazzio’s/Home Depot at 11th & Elgin.  Our guides are quite knowledgeable and can go into great detail about the history of buildings and activities that took place in the our beloved downtown area.

Following the Trolley rides, we will meet for Jr High lunches.  Each school needs to have someone volunteer to organize their group. Lunch is on your own, and not covered by the registration price.  Keep checking the web site ( to see who is organizing your school. Some have already volunteered, but more are needed. Barbara Warren Mooney will organize Madison.
Sharon Burks McKee will do Roosevelt, and Andra Lanford Lupardus will do Wilson . How about YOU? - will you organize your school?  JD Prather and I will organize Horace Mann and we will be returning to Chimi”s on 15th at Peoria. We have reserved the back room for 12:30pm.  If you have a small group, consider joining two or three schools together at the same location. We can connect you with people of your schools - just give me a call,  918-688-2379.

There will be no Saturday night “official event” together. You are encouraged to join a group of your CHS friends for the evening. It’s also a good time to see family if you have come in from out of town.  We have always had such a good time together re-living our fun times in school, looking through old yearbooks and catching up at reunions.  Our time together is special because our class has always been a close-knit group.  Come join us. You are important to our hearts and you lift our spirits.  As 2020
proved to us, life is fragile, so don’t miss this opportunity to bless others with your presence.  You matter!  Someone wants to see you.

The only way that we have been able to offer this reunion at $25 per person is because of generous classmates who helped with our fund-raising initiative prior to our 50th reunion. And the only way we will have funds to do our 60th reunion and 75 birthday party is for YOU to come to this year’s event and bring your friends - a lot of friends.  We need to do a lot of outreach to our classmates for this event. So, we are asking you to post info on your Facebook accounts, or any other means that you have available to get the word out often. Remind our classmates to tell others to save the date.  Bottom line - Be There or Be Square !

We are so grateful for those who gave so that we could all enjoy our time at the “Forever Young Reunion” and future events to come.

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